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Audience member made the flowers grow

We bring a Potter/Fantastic Beasts inspired show to your birthday party or small venue in the greater Nashua NH and surrounding areas.

This is a smaller version of our Touring Stage show, The Fantastic Magic of Potter that has played theaters and comic cons throughout the Northeast. This version involves a smaller cast and illusions that will fit in a home.

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Over 25 years experience performing. Over 1000 birthday parties in the 1990s and 2000s. Performed at over 66 Comic Cons, Potter Festivals and Pop Culture events over the last three years.

What I do

I only do a Potter/Fantastic Beasts show for Birthday Parties. And It’s all original materials inspired by the books and movies. And I am the only one performing this themed show.

I bring more

I general bring more apparatus and equipment than anyone else. The larger shows bring more illusions and even other characters from the stories.

About Mark

Mark Pinksten has been performing comedy magic for over 25 years. His three stage shows have toured the Northeast for the last three years appearing at Potter Events and Comic Cons and Pop Culture Festivals.

He brings a unique show for Potter/Beasts fans and performs as the new Headmaster or Newt with Fantastical Creatures, Magical Storytelling, and interaction with the kids in the audience. The entire show is unique and themed to the Potter/Fantastic Beasts material. This is a parody show which is allowed by trademark law.

Transfigurations, a Wand Ceremony, Floating Charms. Growing Flowers, Golden Snitch, Spider from the Forbidden Forest, Hagrid’s Umbrella and more. Kids will try out spells and the magic will happen.

Because of our tour schedule. We have limited availability for these shows. There is maximum of 5 per month

His large show website can be seen at and he can be seen at comic cons throughout the northeast with his comedy pop culture show.

Show Menu

1 ) Birthday Party/other small venue or house (30 miles from Nashua NH ) $300
2) Deluxe show with more illusions and live dog appearance. (30 miles or less) 450
3) Super Show with Bellatrix or Queenie and illusions and dog (30 miles or less) $600  requires a large space or a event hall.


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